Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so sick of friends with insecurities,
I mean, friends which question everything.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm flying on a plane to Malaysia in 13 days, and I'm quite excited. I'm unsure why I love flying so much. The risk of crashing is there, or an anaphylactic shock right on the plane, but Im oblivious to it and I don't know why.
The first step of going overseas is packing. And packing is the final phase of oversea-ing. You need to pack certain things for a certain amount of time and always need to make sure theres enough space for the shopping spree ahead of you :)
Cbfs explaining the other steps - now to the being on the plane.
Taking off and Landing are the most dreadful things about it - I don't suffer any plane sicknessess so it shall be fine. Surprisingly, the best thing is the food, not for the food in particular, but for the surprise, you never know what you're going to get. Oh I'm flying Malaysia Airlines, which I've been flying all my life.

I just love the plane.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I don't know.
You can say that you are over things,
But in the end - the same thoughts come to mind whenever you revisit it.
You think about how you were
But weird thing is - you're not meant to care.
But sometimes you just do, and then other times you don't give a shit about it.
And for fucks sake, could I have any more privacy in this house?
Don't even think to fucking knock the door do you.
Thank God we're renovating uppies cause then I finally get my own room and that.
I went to retrostar today. pretty much a hit and miss most of the time, but I got some
bracelet and that. And a cheapshit watch at some cheapshit curry shop 8)
Nothing much lately.
Nothing -


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am soo tired.
Got caught wagging and now I have a detention tomorrow.
But the weird thing is my mum doesn't really care
So I'm fine with it :D
Hmm, days have been pretty good yet tiring.
Yayy I have urban next week :D
I am looking forward to it.

Hmm thing
s that I'm looking forward to:
Going to camberwell market
No more normal classes
New fringe?
Dye hair back to black/something.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Period One.
Last period of dancing, it was pretty fun but I hate being partenered up with people who do shit & eat shit. It's pretty annoying when they're silent all throughout the time and don't even talk to you or anything. But other than that most of my parters were cool and we just like revised old dances and shit.
Period Two.
History with heathcuze, it wasnt that bad today we just watched a aboriginal movie with topless chicks, which some people kept on laughing at and blushing and wtfing, which was kinda immature but it eventually wore out.
Period Three.
Foooodtech, first I was partnered up with Nguyen, but 'cause I'm allergic to egg I just worked at the front with louis using this no-egg substitute shit, which made my spongie cake look whiter than a white man. It was pretty boring cause in foodtech you're expecting to be able to mess around with friends, but I was partered up with louis, it was still okay but yeah :P. But even if I was partenered up with a friend or someone i know I don't think it would be as fun as say Year 8, because in year 8 I had all of my close friends with me and we'd just throw around cake mix and shit and then I'd get rashes XD. And I'm like the only chick in my class who ends up laughing at some of the retarded people in my class doing retardedly funny things which is embarassing.
Period 4
Readinggg. Cass and me were texting ameera from across the room about mattty.
and we were threatening her. and then cass was being stupid and for a second eli and aidan bought it when I said that Cass learns ballet.
After School
Walked Home to the park.
Climbed on top of the tambark pile,

Problems of today:
worried about future problems XD
which i shouldnt be worried about
uhh stupid cobalt 5 gum always gets icky and stuck in my braces.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

oiturdfaces, i'm disliking vodafone very much now.
okay, so I have a $29 cap, including $150 worth of calls to anyone and text etc
+ a 200mb data usage limit per month, which I've payed for in my bill. & 100 free texts
So, I checked my credit yesterday and it was 150, and then lowered to 107.
I have no fucking idea why, because I had not used over 200mmb
and I was stressing all night. So I woke up to a restarted cap,
100 free texts, and a full  $150 dollars to use.
So, today, I surfed the net while I was out, some MSN, facebook, google,
and my brother decided to use google.
I texted about 30 or so times, and thats when I decide to check my credit.
I send a balnk text mesaage to 1555 ready to receive my account balance.
"U've remaning:
63 Texts"
"U currently owe $37.77 due 03/08/09"
Can someone explain to me wtf is going on?

Today I went to Glen Waverly and went to yet another asian ville
had some chikin rice which was shit compared to malaysias.
umm I bought a dress from cotton on, i think it was vintage insppired
I couldn;t resist the tealness of it :o
Umm bought a singlet, thats about it.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

*morning turdfaces*
im feeling pretty sick from nguyens party
haha cause i hate too much junk, which makes me feel crunky
not a nice feeling, but i had a fun time
+ I saw the 40 year old virgin for the first time
(I love brick&all)
im so tired, and we start school on monday
need to sleep earlier today ><

here are some pictures;
i made potato bake not long agowith bacon, sour cream, onion, cheese and potato yummmm :D it was gone in a matter of minutes

today i had one of my most favourite fruits!

anyway, thats it for the moo, cant be bothered putting any effort into this